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Dr Rodger Davies

Post Surgery Care

After your surgery it is most important to rest, keeping your head above your heart and apply light pressure to the eyelid area to help prevent excessive swelling and bruising.
In our practice we offer two types of masks.
Both are very effective in assisting with the healing process.

Healix Eye Mask

The Healix eye mask is a hot and cold reusable gel mask with a fully adjustable Velcro strap for secure fitting.

The day of surgery until the third day, during waking hours, cold compressions are applied to the eyes by applying the Healix Eye Mask firmly for 1 hour, then put in fridge for 1 hour, then re-apply and repeat. (The pressure on the eyes is more important than the cold.) It is recommended to wear continuously whilst sleeping during the first few nights.

On the third day post surgery warm compressions are started by warming the mask in the microwave for 15 seconds (Caution to not overheat, check before using) These warm compressions should be done 4 times a day for 15 minutes each time. The heat will help with increasing the blood flow to the area to assist in the healing process. This is continued until your Post Operative appointment or until all bruising and swelling has settled.

Lidlift Goggles

The LidLift Goggles is like a ski goggle with a thick cooling foam that removes heat and improves patient comfort.

The Purpose of the LidLift Goggle is to reduce bruising and swelling 3-5 times more effectively than ice compressions. The gentle persistent application of pressure from the cooling foam technology means there is no need to do cold & warm compressions.

Gentle pressure is distributed so that more pressure is applied to the boney rim around the eye and less applied to the eyeball. The goggles are worn 80% of the time the day of surgery and two days and two nights afterwards. Goggles are removed when walking about. Many patients report increased comfort when wearing the goggles. Listening to music or podcasts is advisable  to help relax the mind whilst resting.

You may continue to wear the goggles until your Post op appointment to further help the healing process.

Please see link below for further information.

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